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Upgrade Your Aircraft BatteryMINDer


Why you MUST use an Aviation-Specific Charger!

Special Offers for Aircraft BatteryMINDer® Owners.

Offer #1

What: Convert your BatteryMINDer® 12 Volt or 24 Volt -AA-S2 model to a Concorde Specific BatteryMINDer (-AA-S5)

Who: Owners of BatteryMINDer® 128CEC1-AA-S2 or 244CEC1-AA-S2 who use Concorde Sealed AGM RG Series batteries.

Why: VDC, the makers of the BatteryMINDer®, worked closely with Concorde Battery Corporation's engineering to develop the new 128CEC1-AA-S5 and 244CEC1-AA-S5 Charger / Maintainer with optimal charge and maintenance voltages for Sealed AGM RG® Series batteries. Concorde conducted extensive testing to determine the ideal float voltage for optimal battery performance with extended battery life. The new settings are incorporated in the S5 model. Long term float testing comparing the S2 and  the S5 revealed that the S5 setting maintained battery capacity at 100% State-of-Charge (SOC), whereas the S2 maintained battery capacity at only 85-90% SOC.    

Customers who already own the S2 and desire an upgrade to the S5 can send their units back to us to be converted.

How: Fill out the form and send it with your BatteryMINDer®  unit and payment. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days from the date we receive the unit for us to ship the modified unit back.  This does not include shipping time.  This offer may be withdrawn or amended without notice. 




Offer #2

What: Trade-Up offer for a new BatteryMINDer®12V or 24V Aircraft Charger - Maintainers
(all 12 & 24 volt models) for $206.99

Who: Owners of non-aviation battery chargers (any brand) who need a 12V or 24V Aviation-Calibrated charging system.

Why: We're making a unique offer to ensure aviation batteries are being 100% charged and safely maintained, without ever overcharging them. Earlier, non-aviation specific BatteryMINDers® and certain manufacturer's otherwise safe charger maintainers, have proven to damage or shorten the life and performance of 12-Volt & 24V aviation batteries made by Concorde®, Gill® and Odyssey®. To prevent these problems, we have developed models specific to the requirements of these manufacturers' sealed and flooded (wet cell with filler cap) batteries. However, thousands of charger-maintainers, thought to be OK for use on GA aviation batteries, are still in service.    

How: Enter Coupon Code TUCECAV at checkout for your upgrade discount. 

This offer is limited to 12 & 24 Volt Aviation-Specific models only!


Original unit must be same voltage as aviation-specific trade-up unit.  Request for an Aviation-Specific BatteryMINDer in a different voltage will not be honored. This applies to ALL models including existing owners of non-aviation BatteryMINDer brand.  Continue using your non-aviation charger, but only on your non-aviation batteries.  VDC Electronics reserves the right to request the non-BatteryMINDer charger be sent to them at the owner’s expense for verification.  This is a one-time offer and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.

IMPORTANT: Canadian Customers must call our Customer Support Department to order an upgrade at 800-379-5579 ext. 1 or ext. 8, M – F, ET.