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We are the leading manufacturer of pulse type battery charger-maintainer-conditioners in the U.S. We are a 100% owned American company founded by personnel, each with over forty years of battery charging design, development and manufacturing experience. Regardless of how or where the battery is used, be it in airplanes, autos, RVs, farm equipment, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, emergency generators, etc., significant improvement in both performance (cranking amps - running time) and longevity can be expected with the proper use of one or more of our products.

redot.jpg A BatteryMINDer® adds years of capacity, power and range to new and older batteries, regardless of type or brand
redot.jpg Never worry about over or under charged batteries regardless of temperatures (freezing – 135F)
redot.jpg Leave your mobility device connected for months and return to fully charged and conditioned batteries
redot.jpg Recover many older-weak batteries that would normally need to be replaced
redot.jpg Safer to use than your originally supplied battery charger - Plugs in same way
redot.jpg Charges and Maintains extra-backup batteries as well as those in your mobility equipment
redot.jpg Automatic turn-on, sleeps while keeping your batteries at full-charge
redot.jpg Easy Push-Button selector should you ever want to change battery type or time