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BatteryMINDer OBD2 connectorsBatteryMINDers designed to use your Vehicles' OBD2 Port.

New from VDC Electronics, makers of The BatteryMINDer®. These BatteryMINDers® enable you to keep your battery maintained via your vehicle’s onboard OBD2C Connector. An OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port can be found on most Vehicles made today and is used by Service Professionals to diagnose problems via a computer or Diagnostic tool. Now this port has another function, the function to keep your Battery charged and lasting longer. On one end you will find an automotive SAE "bullet" connector with cap. On the other end is an OBD2 connector just like the one in your Vehicle. For Vehicles with a Battery in a hard to reach location, this is a must have.