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I talk about the BatteryMINDer to all my friends that have electric carts. I have an EZGO RXV with the 4/12 volt setup. I had to
replace the original Trojen batteries after two years and thought that they went bad too soon and was looking for alternatives. I had the batteries replaced with a new set of Trojens and had the BatteryMINDer installed at that time too. After 2.5 years, I see no loss of range in the cart at all and am sold that the BatteryMINDer does everything the manufacturer claims. Very satisfied with the purchase and performance of the BatteryMINDer.

bullet.gif George, Talk of The Villages.


I have a 2010 EZGO and bought a Battery Minder from Battery Boys.  They installed a 2-prong plug by drilling thru the cart body next to the regular battery plug.  Love the Battery Minder.  When we leave The Villages for an extended time (2 months) I charge the batteries up the night before with the regular charger, then unplug it and plug in the Battery Minder to maintain a full charge on the batteries for the time we are gone.  Batteries are 100% ready to go when we get back.

The Battery Minder also de-sulfurizes the batteries.  Sulfur build up over time is a battery killer.  IMHO, using a Battery Minder will add 1-2 years or more to your battery life. 

Using the Battery Minder is the way you want to go if your cart will not be used for a lengthy period of time.  Just charge it up with your regular battery charger to full, then unplug and just keep the Battery Minder on to do its job.  Your batteries will be 100% ready to go when you come back and use your golf cart again.  That's what I do with my EZGO when I leave The Villages for an extended time (1-3 months).

bullet.gif Conway Mac, The Villages, FLA.


Aside from the Battery Minder being a low amp charger it is most popular for its desulfating Properties. The unit will maintain the system fine but checking the water and moving the cart is always a plus.This product is a low amperage charger and also provides a build in desulfator. Sulfation is a result of lead acid batteries getting a build up on lead plates that products like "the Battery Minder" eliminates when used properly.

bullet.gif Sta Rite Golf Cart Accessories and Repairs


We have had BatteryMinders on our 36v and 48v carts for over a year and are very pleased with them. We leave them connected when we are away (for up to four months) and carts are ready-to-go on our return. Ours have the temperature sensors, which should turn them off if the batteries start getting hot and prevent any boiling over.

bullet.gif Howard B.


 "We currently have 5 emergency vehicles, an ATV, and a standalone electric generator all with their own BatteryMINDer Plus chargers connected while sitting idle between emergency call outs, and they all are always fully charged and ready to go at any time. That was not the case before we installed a BatteryMINDer Plus on each battery. There may be weeks between callouts, and we experienced a high volume of dead batteries on these vehicles due to the fact that even though the vehicle may be shut down, there always seemed to be some small voltage draw occurring from some emergency light, or radio, or siren controller on the vehicle. The end result was to jump start a vehicle during an emergency instead of getting out of the garage in a quick and timely manner. Thank you VDC Electronics!".     

bullet.gif Marty J. Braccio, Director      Emergency Services and Disaster Agency    Crete, IL

"This device is simple to use and so successful in rejuvenating my motorcycle and snow blower batteries".    
bullet.gif Edgar W.      Maplewood, NJ

"I must say, it's rare that a product actually works better than I expect it to. But that's the case with this charger. It works great. It's amazingly simple once you read the instructions and understand it. I almost purchased a Battery Tender brand of smart charger. I'm glad I didn't".     

bullet.gif Steve Boatman      Oklahoma City, OK

"Just to let you know, I have now five BatteryMINDer #12117 battery chargers on my vehicles. Motorcycle, truck, Motorhome (both sets of batteries), and now the wife's car. If the vehicle is sitting still in my garage, it is on one of your chargers. My bike is 5 years old and on the same battery. The truck has 280,000+ miles and only on its 3rd battery in 19 years".     

bullet.gif Jeffery Barbour      Buckroe Beach, VA

"Love this unit. Just gave a recommendation to a guy on Ferrari-Chat. You ought to advertise there and on the Lamborghini forums. Many people ask for these things and yours is the best, most capable, with the most accessories, excellent tech support/advice and I really like the way it hangs on the wall".    
bullet.gif Doug Butler      Verona, NJ

"Thank you for your attention to my dilemma. You and everyone involved at VDC have been top notch responders. I appreciate the awesome service you have provided and I will recommend you to everyone I know!"
bullet.gif James Jones      Rockledge, FL

"I got tired of buying new lawn mower batteries every couple of years and I had just purchased a used Dixon lawnmower and it had a dead battery. I decided to try this thing on it and it completely rejuvenated the battery. I am on my second year on this battery that I could not get charged with a conventional battery charger. I put Batteryminder on it for about two months prior to spring mowing, and as I said, I'm on my second year on a battery I thought was dead. Great product! A+".   
bullet.gif Charlie P.      Wichita, KS

"I have used the charger on my lawn tractor, ATV, boat and now it is charging my RV batteries. The product is easy to use, has good instructions, and appears to do as advertised. My lawn tractor battery was in bad shape, but now with the MINder charger I should be able to get at least one more year use".   
bullet.gif Eric H.      Missoula, MT

"I got tired of replacing deep cell batteries for my boat and other things. Hooked this device to a battery. that was essentially dead even by their standards, and it has taken several months, but, I think I will be able to restore this battery. Had to see it for myself, but this device really works!!"    
bullet.gif Jim C.      South Lyon, MI

"Have a 13 yr old Jag XJS that quite often only gets driven about every 10 to 12 days----result, a dead battery!! The Battery MINDer has changed that..... it performs just as advertised and is well worth the money. Since the battery on this vehicle is in the trunk, I keep the BatteryMINDer in the trunk connected to the battery with the leads provided and an extension cord close by in my garage. Takes only a few seconds to put it into service when I park the car. Great item that eliminates any worries about a dead battery".   
bullet.gifG riz B.      Helena, MT

"Excellent product. Pays for itself. Have used these for years on my ATV's and batteries are still like new, even though winter temps here sometimes reach -30. I purchased another for my welder battery which is 3 yrs. old. And the Battery Minder has it cranking like new".   
bullet.gif Dave T.      Littleton, CO

"The BatteryMINDer meets all advertised claims to maintain/save a battery. It has saved several batteries for us, including my golf car. We would definitely recommend it to anyone".  
bullet.gif Brian C.      Austin, Texas

"Since I have been using the BatteryMINDer on my lawn tractor battery, I have never had a dead battery. And my battery is 6 years old! Performs like new with this charger/maintainer". 
bullet.gif Steve H., Benton      Wisconsin

"The BatteryMINDer seems to have brought my car, truck and snow blower batteries back from the dead. Time will tell if it is long lived. You will only need to extend the life of a few batteries to pay for this neat little tool".     

bullet.gif Craig G.      Buffalo, NY


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