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Solar Battery Charger

Solar energy to power our battery chargersVDC provides 12-Volt and 24-Volt battery chargers/maintainers/desulphators for all your Solar Powered charging needs.

BatteryMINDer solar battery chargers optimizes all solar panels charge rates. They actively monitors your battery's voltage any time the sun is up.  They feature exclusive U.S. Patented high frequency PulseMode desulfation circuitry, designed to safely reverse and eliminate battery sulfation, the #1 cause of early battery failure. The internal program adjusts its output several times a second based on this reading to quickly and correctly charge your battery. When used as a maintainer, the BatteryMINDer is guaranteed to maximize your battery’s life and storage capacity. The long-term float (maintenance) stage can add years of service. Our line of solar battery charger/maintainer/desulfators prevent over/under charging. It also safely extends the life and performance of all batteries.