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BatteryMINDers for Aircraft | Aviation Specific BatteriesBatteryMINDers for Aircraft | Aviation Specific Batteries

Aircraft Battery Accessories

These charger/maintainer/desulfators are designed for ALL Aviation Specific FAA Certified Concorde, Gill, Hawker and Odyssey brand Sealed, Wet (filler cap), Maintenance-Free, AGM, Gel, PLT thin-plate lead-acid batteries. Users can now determine the level of charge remaining in their battery, and if weak and in need of replacement, before going bad. In addition, units test for weak/dead cells and will recover weak or severely discharged batteries that other chargers would reject. Known as the CEC2 series they feature advancements in easy to understand battery analysis and condition not previously available in any other single model. Their high efficiency design, controlled by industrially-rated microprocessors, allow continuous operation (24 hrs./day) without fear of over/under charging.

For proper connection of a BatteryMINDer® to a battery located within an aircraft, please refer to the Airframe Interface Kit (Model BM-AIK2).

Why you MUST use an Aviation-Specific Charger!