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Automotive Battery Charger

Cars and automotives using our battery chargersGet more life out of your car Battery...

VDC Electronics
 provides 6 -8-12-and 24-Volt chargers/ maintainers/ desulfators for all automotive battery types. 85% of the more than 80 million new automotive type storage batteries made each year will die in less than 3 years.
Sulphation is the #1 cause of early battery failure and loss of performance as determined by the Battery Council International, Dec. 1998. BatteryMINDers® are the new generation of SMART, pulse type 'computer-on-a-chip' chargers, that safely charge and maintain all size / type / brands of batteries including starter, deep cycle and sealed types including AGM "dry" made by OPTIMA, ODYSSEY, EXIDE, INTERSTATE, et al. They do all of this without ever overcharging, no matter how long they are left on charge - days-weeks-or even months. Dubbed the chargers with 'brains,' they are the first to fully-automatically reverse the primary cause of early battery failure known as 'sulfation'. Sulfated batteries once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition. Certain models of BatteryMINDers can more than double the useful life of new batteries. Click HERE to learn more about extending Battery Life