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Electric vs Gas Golf Carts


The Benefits of Electric Vs. Gas Golf Cars

Electrics offer the most environmentally friendly choice when it comes to golf cars and similar type "People Movers". Compared to gas, electrics are zero polluting almost silent and more economic over their lifetime. Regardless of many advantages, their main drawbacks are Battery Life and Performance. But there is a way to reduce these drawbacks.

Many people believe they need gas because maintenance on electrics is too expensive. This is NOT the case. Electrics require less maintenance and have less moving parts and thus, far lower running costs over long term. Electrics only require a standard 15 Amp 120 Volt power connection. There’s no need to store dangerous gasoline and be in violation of your fire insurance / code.

Preventive Maintenance

Batteries are the most expensive replacement cost for electrics. Eight (8) x 6-Volts (48-V) system replacement run in the range of $750 - $900 / set depending on brand and ampere hour rating. Keeping them fully charged at all times (but not overcharging them) is a must. Maintaining proper water levels in each cell and never allowing them to "sit" unused for more than a few days without a temperature-compensated battery maintainer, are also "musts". The simplest single product that does the complete job is a BatteryMINDer®. Model 48021 is specific to 48-V "people movers". They are not meant to replace the standard "stock" charger that came with the vehicle-equipment. They work in tandem with or independent of the standard charger depending on how long a time is needed to fully recharge. They are temperature compensated to prevent under / over-charging with precision settings for "wet"(filler caps) flooded, gel or AGM type lead-acid batteries. For less than two hundred dollars, thousands in long term costs are saved. Completely safe and easy to use (Plug 'n Run), these charger maintainerdesulfators need only to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. They typically use less than $2.00 in electricity / month. Preventing life shortening sulfation or removing (dissolving) it in older batteries that were not properly maintained, is one of BatteryMINDer's most important features.


Key to proper maintenance is being sure your charging source does not hurt your battery by overcharging. Many original equipment supplied "stock" chargers use old technology and are known to overcharge especially as batteries get older. The right charger will not only save you money by extending life and performance, but by reducing or eliminating "water loss" due to overcharge. Using a BatteryMINDer as much as possible, in tandem with “stock” or alone, will make a significant difference in battery life and performance. By keeping a BatteryMINDer onnected to your electric you're able to leave it unattended for weeks without worry. When ready to begin operation/use, your batteries will be fully charged, free of sulfate and won't have used water as a result of having been overcharged.