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Golf Cart Batteries


How NOT to Get 5 + Years of Life from your Golf Car Batteries:
A Tongue-in-Cheek Look at Battery Care.


  • Don’t check the water every week or even once a month. Why go to so much trouble?

  • Don't keep your batteries properly filled. Or if you do, fill them to the very top to be sure they overflow.

  • Never clean off the dust and dirt on the tops of each battery - the dirtier the better.

  • Don’t put in the most batteries your car has room for, the less “lead” and capacity the better.

  • Be sure you charge them each and every time, no matter how short the trip, especially if you hear “bubbling” sounds or a smell like “rotten eggs”.

  • Don’t charge them until they are completely down (RED LIGHT ON). Golf car (deep cycle) batteries like to be exhausted before they are charged.

  • Buy the cheapest batteries you can find. Why spend a little more - even if better ones will last 1-2 X longer?

  • Run accessoriesas long as you can to really drain batteries.

  • Be Sure you Don’t raise the seat when your charge your batteriesthe hotter they get, the more they like it.

There are other ways you can be sure to shorten battery life and performance, but these are the BEST.


*Assumes your batteries are not older than 1 year before starting to use BatteryMINDer®

battery conditioner and maintenance charger. Also assumes that you avoid all of the above

negative things many people do, either out of ignorance, or because an “expert” told them

to do so.